Qualitative Methods for Urban Studies

University of Toronto
Fall 2020

I am teaching undergraduate students how to conduct oral history interviews. My colleague Prof. Aditi Mehta and I planned this course in response to the global pandemic. We partnered with a public nursing home in Toronto, Canada and a community organization for seniors in Columbus, Ohio. The entire course and all interviews take place online and over the phone. We teach students about scholarly and journalistic interview techniques, and each student develops a research project based on their interviews with an assigned elder.

Media Workshops in Thessaloniki, Greece

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Literature
Spring 2015

As a Fulbright Specialist, I hosted media production workshops and gave lectures at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki. I also collaborated with Parallaxi Magazine to develop their public space planning project. The magazine organizes performances and art shows in the empty lots and buildings of Xyladika, a neighborhood taking the brunt of the Greek economic crisis.

Editing and Web Producing

Emerson College, Journalism Department
Fall 2014

I taught students to edit themselves and their peers for accuracy, grammar, style, structure, and fairness. Students produced a significant work of multimedia journalism for their final project.

Banning Vehicles on a Bogotá Main Street

Universidad de los Andes, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Summer 2014

Engineering students learned multimedia production as a way to study Cra. Séptima, a centuries-old main street in Bogotá, Colombia. The city had recently restricted the street to pedestrians and cyclists during daytime hours. Students interviewed business owners, informal street vendors, and commuters about the impacts of pedestrianization. The class hosted a global Twitter conversation.

In This Building: Multimedia & Place-based Storytelling

MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning
Fall 2013

Students told the histories of several buildings in greater Boston, and also profiled residents. I taught the course in collaboration with an editor at The Boston Globe. Students invited all building residents to a final presentation of their work at MIT. Course syllabus and building stories are available online.

The Puerto Rico Practicum

MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning
Spring 2012

I worked with students in Puerto Rico for two weeks to produce an interactive map of a major urban watershed. I taught the media component within a this broader city planning course.

The Cartagena Practicum

MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning
Spring 2010

I designed the media component for this course, gave several lectures on media, and worked with students in Cartagena, Colombia for three weeks to complete a supply chain analysis for a large and sprawling open-air market.