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New York Times

Finally, a photo of Pvt. Felix Hall alive. He was lynched at Fort Benning in 1941.

A historian in Georgia turned up the photo. For years, researchers only had images of his dead body. (August 2021)

Washington Post

Army to memorialize Black soldier lynched on base 80 years ago

Pvt. Felix Hall’s killers were never brought to justice. (August 2021)

Albert King Is Not Forgotten

In 1941, the U.S. military papered over the killing of a young Black soldier. Can there be justice 80 years later? (May 2021)

A Lynching Kept Out of Sight

Pvt. Felix Hall was a promising young soldier. Why did the government fail to find his killers? (Sept. 2016)

Spacing Magazine

On Collecting Oral Histories About Toronto During a Pandemic (multi-author series, June 2021)

How to create an oral history project about cities

Urban oral history: A tale of two immigrant neighbourhoods (by Rathusa Rameshkumar)

Urban oral history: Understanding The Village of the 1970s and ’80s (by Hannah Curtis)

To understand cities we must talk to elders more (by Aditi Mehta)

Washington City Paper

A Devastating Rise in Homicides in D.C.

Causes of Death: Why Is D.C.’s Homicide Count Rising Again? (Jan. 2020)

Three Men Who Lost Loved Ones Have Ideas About Making D.C. Safer (Jan. 2020)

Lives Lost 2019 (Dec. 2019)

Places, Everyone

D.C. is a city full of private monuments that the rest of the world doesn’t see. (Sept. 2019)

The People Issue

Maybe their joys, mistakes, and efforts to comprehend the world will inform your own. (Nov. 2018)

A Brief History of Mark Judge and Washington City Paper

The relationship ended poorly — twice. (Oct. 2018)

The Best D.C. Day Trips

It rained half the summer, and D.C. is still thicker with stress than it is with humidity. Take a day trip. (Aug. 2018)

A Charlottesville Survivor Prepares for the White Nationalist Anniversary Rally in D.C.

Last year a terrorist driver injured her and killed Heather Heyer. (Aug. 2018)

Hundreds Will Gather in Columbia Heights Tonight to Protest ICE Raids in D.C.

Advocates report that ICE detained at least 12 D.C. immigrants over the past week. (July 2018)

A Hotline for Immigrants Detained in the D.C. Area Rings Off the Hook

Calls from immigrants newly separated from their children add to an ongoing flood. (June 2018)

A D.C. Playwright Tackles Gentrification in The Intruders

Her company, The New Millennium Howard Players, is seeking a theater to call home. (Mar. 2018)

Stage Guild’s Housing Drama Widowers’ Houses Bears Eerie Similarities to D.C.’s Housing Issues

Though it’s a play about London in the 1890s, much of it rings true for D.C. in 2017 — not in feeling, but in fact. (Oct. 2017)

Houses of Worship Are Re-Creating a Decades-Old Support System to Protect Immigrants

“The fear is real … They make a choice to go to the grocery store or not. They make a choice to go to the doctor or not.” (Mar. 2017)

The Unitarians Want to Prepare Us All for Hot Sex

A 96-year-old is among the students at this adult sex-education class in Columbia Heights. (Feb. 2017)

Life Is Hell for Tenants of Giant D.C. Slumlord Sanford Capital

And taxpayers are subsidizing the company. (Feb. 2017)

Shit in Tubs at Sanford Capital Properties

“I don’t sleep in my bedroom. Because where the feces was? It was in the bedroom below mine.” (May 2017)

Boston Globe Magazine

Polaroid and the Projects

Kids in The Port have been photographing their lives and neighborhood since the mid-1960s when the Polaroid Corporation, which was across the street, began donating cameras. (Nov. 2015)

The Boston Globe

Mormon Feminist Movement Celebrates 40 Years

And the struggle continues (Sept. 2014)

An Artist Tattoos a Pier in East Boston

Neighbors like to watch her as she paints. (Sept. 2014)

In Uphams Corner, He Makes Art Hit Home

Boston’s preeminent public artist, Cedric Douglas, outfits an old truck to make a mobile art studio. (May 2014)

Boston’s Beloved Jail Pastor

Rev. Laura Ahart ministers to the murderers in jail and comforts the families of victims and perpetrators on the outside. (Jan. 2014)

Yes Magazine

She Found an 1870 Suffragist’s Diary

For Claudia Bushman, a founder of the Mormon feminist movement, it was the discovery of a lifetime. (Mar. 2016)

Lakisha David wanted to trace the roots of ancestors who were documented only as property.

Here’s how she did it. (Jan. 2016)

The New Republic

It’s spring already? More snow, please.

For some Bostonians, nine feet of snow wasn’t enough. (May 2015)